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Video: “Sequence One”

This was a video collage assignment in class. I’ve got an exemption for this class, but I usually just do the work anyway, just so I’ve got what everyone else is doing front of mind when someone inevitably requests my assistance.

Footage from 2007’s The Tracey Fragments used under a CC BY-NC-SA license.

As a film The Tracey Fragments is notable for three things — for starring a young Elliot Page before he was famous, for its extreme use of splitscreen, and for releasing all of its footage online under a Creative Commons license. It’s not a particularly good film, honestly, but it’s a good source of professionally shot footage starring real actors that you can both play with and legally release.

Inktober 2023: Annietober (Week One)

Originally posted to Mastodon.

Having a go at Inktober this year. My self-enforced theme, ahead of actually showing you all Annie Forever, is, well, Annie. So here’s the first week of of Annietober.

Always to the best of my ability, with what whatever I had to hand.

A digital illustration of Annie, asleep, translucent, on a train. The ocean view outside is impossibly curved. A pen and ink illustration in a sketchbook of Annie using a magnifying glass to investigate a cute lil' spider. A digital illustration of Annie, wearing a tunic of some sort, and holding a long stick and a shield, looking up at a sky, in which we see a crashing plane, and the silhouette of Warbucks' head, surrounded by sparkling lights or stars. It's an ominous, heavy scene. A digital illustration of Annie walking along a grassy path. A bee flies past her face. A digital illustration of Annie falling behind a wagon, like how Calvin and Hobbes sometimes do. She's holding a map and reading it attentively, almost like she hasn't noticed she's falling. A digital illustration, on a black background, of Annie falling into or through a big set of teeth, the corners of which are sharp and made of gold. A digital illustration of a wee speedboat racing up a stream of water coming from a faucet. If you zoomed in you'd see the captain of the speedboat is Annie.

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