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Inktober 2023: Annietober (Week One)

Originally posted to Mastodon.

Having a go at Inktober this year. My self-enforced theme, ahead of actually showing you allĀ Annie Forever, is, well, Annie. So here’s the first week of of Annietober.

Always to the best of my ability, with what whatever I had to hand.

A digital illustration of Annie, asleep, translucent, on a train. The ocean view outside is impossibly curved. A pen and ink illustration in a sketchbook of Annie using a magnifying glass to investigate a cute lil' spider. A digital illustration of Annie, wearing a tunic of some sort, and holding a long stick and a shield, looking up at a sky, in which we see a crashing plane, and the silhouette of Warbucks' head, surrounded by sparkling lights or stars. It's an ominous, heavy scene. A digital illustration of Annie walking along a grassy path. A bee flies past her face. A digital illustration of Annie falling behind a wagon, like how Calvin and Hobbes sometimes do. She's holding a map and reading it attentively, almost like she hasn't noticed she's falling. A digital illustration, on a black background, of Annie falling into or through a big set of teeth, the corners of which are sharp and made of gold. A digital illustration of a wee speedboat racing up a stream of water coming from a faucet. If you zoomed in you'd see the captain of the speedboat is Annie.

Sunday #2: It’s Been Edition

One week back in school. What a destructively long Monday.

A lot of info, in the classical start-of-year info dump manner, about what the school year looks like. Go here, do this, do this as soon as possible, accumulate this, write that. I’ve let it just wash over me. It’ll happen, I’ll get there. One year to go.

We share three of our four Monday classes with another class that’s in the same place on a different trajectory, which makes sense, I understand that when there’s just the six of us it doesn’t make financial sense to treat us the same as if we were 25 people, but by gum, you forget how busy 25 19-to-21-year olds can be. How can you possibly have this much to say to each other, you saw each other four days ago! I joked the weekend before that they were about 400 people strong, and was corrected that they have the energy of an additional zero. No kiddin’. I didn’t go to Teacher School to be in a room full of noisy kids, dagnabbit.

(I understand now that eventually we’ll split back up, but what a day.)

Also shot and edited my live-action directorial debut. I’ll share it here when I get permission.

Below the fold this week: Website update notes, notes on an upcoming project. TV thoughts, a YouTube recommendation. Donald Duck comics, some Big Finish.

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