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Okay, well, on Une Whim I decided to upgrade to PHP 8.0, you know, be futureproof and all that, and it instantly broke the theme1Oh, my beloved Kubrick. here. And not just the theme, the theme breaking broke the whole blog. Just spectacular.

I’d call it a miracle nothing else broke, but this is why I hate using code more complex than I understand — there simply is nothing else on any part of my website for that upgrade to break to begin with.

I’ve enabled the least objectionable theme I had lying around. Which one that is has changed twice since I started writing this. It’ll change again.

Writing my own is now obviously a top priority. Truly, I do be blogging here.

If anything else breaks here I’m just gonna jump the gun and upgrade to ClassicPress 2.0, or even just switch to WordPress, I swear to god.

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    Oh, my beloved Kubrick.

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