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Sunday #4: Stress Edition

Another destructively long Monday. I can’t keep Sundaying about how long my Mondays are, yeesh.

Still kinda stressing about having to actually teach an art history class, but I think– no, I know that’s just New Situation Stress, not I Can’t Do This Stress. My Tuesdays have expanded, too — lots of cycling all over town. Good for my thigh muscles, but my knees are protesting. Really running into my own limits at Music class.

I’ve generally turned my disdain of kids around pretty well, I think kids are funny, I can work with kids just fine. But you hate to see a kid hold up a picture of a normatively attractive lady on their phone and ask another kid “smash or pass.” That’s truly just– That’s no good, y’all.

Broke my blogging streak this week, because school, but also because the writing I did do isn’t finished yet or requires additional research — I feel like I rushed the Rogers: The Musical piece, and, look, streaks, yes, but quality over quantity, more yes.

I’ve called this one “Stress Edition” in the hopes that next week won’t be “Stress Edition.”

Below the fold: Small website notes, some media bits and bobs.

Website updates

No meaningful progress, though a lot of energy went into “oh no a mystery error that I can’t solve” that I chose not to bring up online. I eventually solved it by sending an email to my hosting provider where I pretended to be more clueless than I am, which usually does the trick.

Not relevant to anyone outside of the Japan – Brazil – Netherlands triangle: Mastodon 4.2 dropped and there’s so much stuff I need to do very slight CSS tweaks on, augh.

Bits from Letterboxd

Ring 0: Birthday (2000):

Frankly, I assume most acting troupes, if allowed to act troupe long enough, will find themselves driving up the country to hide a body and/or kill someone eventually.


  • Taskmaster is back premiering new episodes on YouTube, which I think is nice.


  • Personalised algorithms my butthole, the Brother’s recommendations are haunted by the exact same three white boys as mine are.

Doctor Who

  • Redacted is back, with a whole season all at once. A few episodes in I’m enjoying it, but you can feel it creaking under just how much it doesn’t have Dr Who in it. They feel like they’re around every corner, but they won’t be.
  • Almost done with Bernice Summerfield and the Doomsday Manuscript. I’ve enjoyed the scope of it, but the twist of the photo being faked doesn’t quite work when you can’t, you know, see it.
  • Doom’s Day continues to tick past — just not caring about certain mediums doesn’t feel quite as destructive to the experience as it did with Time Lord Victorious, but the effect isn’t dissimilar. It still feels disjointed at best.
  • Two months to go. New trailer made me cry. Wondering how much of a Doctor Who blogger I want to be.

Things I’ve Passive-Aggressively Declared “Content” This Week

  • See the aforementioned three white boys.
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