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Sunday #5: First October Edition

Another week, another Monday, another Sunday.

Two recent teaching realisations: I off-handedly said to a classmate my usual line about how the world isn’t any different for me knowing about an earthquake on the other side of the planet. But she helpfully pointed out quite sternly that it might matter quite a lot when I have students who might be from or have family all over the world.

The other one is I tend to exaggerate a little for comedic effect when telling stories, but I absolutely can not and must not do that when I’m teaching art history that real, actual kids will have tests and exams on later. Pressure!

I’ll get there.

Below the fold: Bits from Letterboxd. Some TV, some Doctor Who, a book.

Bits from Letterboxd

Candyman: Day of the Dead (1999):

I think every big horror slasher character should get a holiday special.

“Freddy vs. the Fourth of July”
“Christmas with Chucky.”
“Jason Gives Thanks.”
“Halloween: Spring Break”

Corpse Bride (2005):

I would simply not get accidentally Corpse Married. I would simply not leave the land of the living. I would simply remain attached to all of my limbs. I would simply not introduce my Corpse Wife to my Alive Wife.

I would not have any of these problems.

Dark Shadows (2012):

You know, we make fun of Christopher Nolan for the dead wives thing, but he at least sees wife death as an impediment to a healthy relationship.

The Rat Catcher (2023):

My neighbour had locked himself out, no phone, no keys, so he knocked on my door to ask to use my phone to call his friend who, one, had his spare key, and two, was apparently in the Phantom Zone, seen recently by half the city and yet totally unreachable.

So we called a locksmith, just the top result in the search engine of your choice, who was here as fast as he could have been, and instantly jimmied his way in with some WD-40, a sheet of plastic, a rope, and my door as a cheat sheet.

Which we both found incredibly impressive — I applauded without prompting, which I never do — and also, our human doors might as well not be there for this man, nay, ghost.

Anyway, the rat catcher here looks like the English version of the locksmith, which is why I’m sharing that story here in lieu of struggling to find something to say about this one. It’s good, it’s like the other ones.

The locksmith was a lot nicer than this rat catcher, though. There was a fistbump.


  • The worst sin of John Wick prequel show The Continental isn’t even that Mel Gibson (boo, hiss) is in it but that it’s fucking boring.
  • Started Haunting of Hill House, or, Everyone Wakes Up Gasping — Is this meant to pass for a scare?: The Show.
  • I need a fresh background noise show.

Doctor Who

  • Finished Bernice Summerfield and the Doomsday Manuscript. Enjoyed it.
  • Catching up on Doom’s Day with Four from Doom’s Day. Fine.
  • Redacted: Cleo’s road to becoming first a complete person and then a hero has been very meaningful to me, and I hope they do another season. It’s a flawed production, sure, but where else does a trans woman get this kind of arc? Heck, where does a queer person get it? (Fuck Apex, though. Fuck that guy.)
  • Rose Tyler – The Dimension Cannon: Trapped. Eh. Preferred the dimension-hopping stuff over this set.
  • Thought I’d listen to the first half of the @60 concert1Bootleg, baby. while working, but just the music makes me cry right now.2Even moreso than it usually does, anyway. We’re so fucking back. We’re so fucking back.


  • Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow: Oh. 🙁
  • 1
    Bootleg, baby.
  • 2
    Even moreso than it usually does, anyway.
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