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Sunday #6: Oof Edition

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday.

First two Real Classes under the belt. It’s remarkable, one, how far I’ve come that I’m able to do this, and two, how much the human body will sweat suppressing a fight-or-flight response. Oof. They say you could smell me on the other side of the Forum.

Blogging has been defeated by school, but I do have eleven drafts sitting around, at various levels between “basically a post-it note” and “the first thousand words are done, now I just need to write the other thousand words.”

Below the fold: The usual.

Bits from Letterboxd

Dumbo (2019):

any time Danny DeVito isn’t on screen having a furious rivalry with anything and everything that wrongs him, I’m sat here asking, where’s Danny DeVito, why isn’t Danny DeVito arguing with anything?


  • Gastrophobia, season one and two. Really just wanted more Yellow Brick Ramble, and that’s not remotely what this is, but: It’s also very good in its own way.


  • Ahsoka: My two main criticisms of it haven’t meaningfully changed — I don’t think the Mando mode of storytelling (relatively slow, questy travelogues) suits a sequel to the much more high-energy Clone Wars and Rebels shows, and the live-action actors simply never carry the weight of their characters’ histories. A frustrating road ahead.
    The one element I’ll concede: I’m on the record on Thrawn as kind of a hater, but I think this is about as well done as you can do that blue asshole. Those books, both the Thrawn trilogy and the Canon ones, only work at all because they’re prose, which just allows you to get really inside the blue asshole’s head in a way live-action can’t, but if this is where we’re going — Lars Mikkelsen makes a good fucking Thrawn.
  • Bob’s BurgersGhostsOur Flag Means DeathLoki all back in the same week.

Doctor Who

  • Time Lord Immemorial is the part of Once and Future where the Big Finish dartboard really delivers.


  • Finished Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow.
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